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1-Year-Old Falls From 5th Floor in Nairobi, Mum Explains The Miracle That Happened

by Robert Mwangi
2 mins read
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When Felishia Wanjiru saw her son, Jayson fall from the fifth floor of her apartment in Nairobi, she knew he had died.

Wanjiru was in the bathroom when she heard the boy call her in extreme anxiety and pain. He was playing with hanging lines that he could reach from the window of their house when he took a risk and attempted to swing on one.

Sensing danger, the one-and-a-half-year-old cried to his mum to save him. But before the mother could arrive, his hands were tired and resigned to fate. All Wanjiru saw was him going down.

“It was on June 16 this year. I screamed and dashed to the ground helpless and knowing my baby was gone,” she said during an interview on Kenya Diaspora Media (KDM).

By the time she was arriving at the scene, she found neighbour holding him. She breathed a sigh of relief after seeing he was alive.
“Because of the shock, he was just crying with a low voice. I quickly organized and we took him to a nearby clinic before he was transferred to the Nairobi West Hospital.”

The doctors stabilised him before doing all tests and taking x-ray pictures to establish if he had suffered internal injuries or fractures.

Miraculously, the medics ascertained that he did not have any major issues except a dislocated joint on the shoulder.

“I did not believe them. I thought their tests were fake since I saw the impact after he had fallen. However, after staying at the hospital for a few days, I saw he was just fine and even feeding himself.”

The single mother of one says the incident made her believe there is a God in heaven.

“How do I even explain that my son had an accident? As you can see, he is healthy, happy, and very playful,” she said.

However, since then she developed a phobia of tall buildings.

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