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Meet Lifestyle Coach, Wellness Influencer And Family Man

by Helen Ndubi
2 mins read

Shiverenje Simani, popularly known as Shivsimani, focuses on lifestyle training. The emphasis on creating time to exercise and being obedient to eat in proportions has proven to be difficult amongst many.

He offers meal and workout plans to clients. Obesity has been a rising factor among young people because of junk food, and not being active, in general.

Recently, he caught the public eye when he posted a video reel questioning that the year is moving forward and you’re not yet ‘snatched’.

He left an encouragement amid the guilt-stripping video: “Here to let you know that the best time to start is now. There will never be a perfect time. Make the time.”

He is the husband of the beautiful Miss Tiramisu, known as Shiku, who is always lively in her group YouTube channel known as over 25. Tshazi is their five-year-old daughter and baby number two who is three months old. The fitness guru hopes that someday his eldest daughter will take up a fitness career.

Festivities is always family time

The fact that he can juggle the roles of being a present dad, husband, and fitness coach, poses a challenge to others.

Daddy’s girls enjoying quality time

What’s stopping you from dropping that extra cake, going on walks, and even eating healthy foods. It’s not always about having that banging body for the women and six-pack for the men. 

Choosing to live a healthy lifestyle is good for you.

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