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A First Encounter! Singer Wahu Kagwi Introduces Her Mother to Fans Online

by Esther M.
2 mins read

Musician Wahu Kagwi has managed to keep her mother off social media until today, 14th June.

But the fans know so much about her late father, as Wahu, who is married to her fellow musician Nameless, real name David Mathenge, occasionally posts his photos on her social media platforms.

Today, she posted her mother on her IG.

Her fans flooded her comments section fascinated by how beautiful and youngish-looking the ageing woman is.

Niko ocha spending some quality time with the strong beautiful woman who raised me 🥰🥰☺️. God bless all moms for their giving and loving nature!” she captioned the photo of her and her mother.

Her excited fans said they could now tell Wahu’s beauty came from.

Check out the comments below:

chicks closet: “Reminds me of the story book, Beautiful Nyakio, this ammmmaizing mama anakaa alitesa sana siku zake, she still has the killer looks!”

Evelyn: “The gap!”

Awahomek: “Now we know where all beauty comes from …mageithie muno!

Black Men: “She is beautiful!”

Anita: “Pretty her!”

Some felt that the two resemble each other a lot.

Israel: “Mnakaa twins”

Karimi: “Lookalike!”

We may not know so much about Wahu’s mother but one thing that is certain is that she raised her children well.

Wahu continues to serve as a role model for young celebrity women by being able to keep her marriage intact for more than 10 years now.

She is the proud mother of two daughters, Tumiso and Nyakio.

Tumiso is all grown now and her celebrity parents have been closely watching her as they help other parents with teen parenting skills.

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