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Aaaaw! Professor Hamo’s Fans Gush Over His Cute Toddler (photos)

by Helen Ndubi
2 mins read
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Former Hot 96 radio presenter Professor Hamo on Monday, 2nd August, shared online a photo of him holding his daughter. 

His fans were especially attracted to the beautiful little girl. 

“Here to wish you a heroic week @zeroheropropertiesltd # we make you a true hero,” he wrote. 

Fans trooped to his comments section with the following reactions:

Cellykash: “Yaani ulikuwa unaacha (you mean you were abandoning) such a pie 😍😍😍.”

Geshy nyanty: Aaaw! the little princess soo cute ❤️

Awanjiku315: “Aki…watoto mali safi hivi (Such adorable babies).” 

Martha gifts: “Cute baby haka ndio ulikuwa unakataa…. (this is the one you were rejecting).” 

Even so, the Churchill Live Show comedian mended his relationship with fellow entertainer, Jemutai, after their ugly online spat. The two recently said they had bought land and were ready to build their home. Professor Hamo reassured Jemutai of a new beginning, saying: 

“I know we’ve been through a lot but it’s not how we start but how we finish that matters, it took time for you to believe that I wanted my family to be together and it’s still work in progress, but this is a start. I can build a house and you’ll definitely make it a home.” 

The couple have their own YouTube channel show dubbed, Raw and Candid. Professor Hamo counts is among the few men who have managed to marry more than wife and still relate well with them.

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