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Abel Mutua Shattered as Body of Fan Who Called Before Taking His Life Found in Forest

by Robert Mwangi
2 mins read

Filmmaker Abel Mutua has told of devastation after one of his fans he named as Polycarp Amyunzu took his own life following a series of misfortunes in his life.

On Wednesday afternoon, Polycarp called the number that Abel and his wife, Judy Nyawira, use for merchandising, but none of them could pick up because they were in a meeting. He made six calls.

After the meeting, which was an hour after Polycarp had phoned them, they called back. He picked up but said it was too late.

When he reached out for the first time, the fan was in dire need of help, though he was contemplating suicide. He thought Abel would help him out, but after his calls went unanswered, he made up his mind to do the unthinkable.

Abel said he unsuccessfully tried to convince him to change his mind.

At this time, he already intimated to the content creator that he was in a forest along Southern Bypass, Karen, Nairobi, and was looking for an ideal place to hang himself.

Abel narrated that Polycarp broke down as he explained to him how life had been unfair to him.

He told Abel that he had tried everything, but bad luck always followed him.

Abel suggested that they meet the same day and see how his problems could be solved, but when he insisted, the deceased disconnected the call.

Luckily, he had given his wife’s number, so he (Abel) called her immediately.

The wife revealed that they had a quarrel the previous night and Polycarp just left home without telling her. She was mad at him because she was pregnant and her due date had come.

Yesterday, Abel confirmed that Polycarp was no more.

“Our fears have been confirmed. Polycarp is no more. We tried our best. I guess our best wasn’t enough. Rest well bruh,” he wrote.

The YouTuber implored fans to seek help even from strangers when life weighs them down.

“I know life is becoming hard, but there are better ways to deal with problems. Sometimes the help you need is in a stranger,” he said.

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