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Actress, Who Plays ‘Selina’ in TV Drama Series, is an Ever-Smiling Beauty (photos)

by Esther M.
2 mins read

One of the most popular screen characters in Kenya today is Selina of the TV series of the same name, who keeps fans glued to the show.

The Selina role is played by Celestine Gachuhi, the main character in the popular love TV movie series that airs on Maisha Magic East TV. Many will easily recall President Uhuru Kenyatta’s recent encounter with actor Pascal Tokodi, who asked him whether he would watch the Selina show, as the Head of State strolled along the road in Nairobi believed to have been near State House.

Selina appears serious most of the times in the TV movie, but in real life she is this smiley beauty queen.

Here are some photos showing that the 25-year-old actress is a charming fellow in real life.

Gachuhi is also a musician and a motivational speaker.

Selina keeps her short hair in real life, and only does wigs for acting.

Selina worked at a beauty salon for a while before she fully ventured into acting.

She does her own make-up and she is just a super talent.

The ever-innocent-looking Selina is photogenic.

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