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Akorino Philanthropist Feels Like Giving Up After Being Accused of Sacrificing Kids

by Robert Mwangi
2 mins read
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“Humanity is an ocean, if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.”

When Indian revolutionary religious leader Mahatma Gandhi was uttering these words, he did not know that many years later they would offer solace to one Karangu Muraya, a Kenyan philanthropist.

Karangu’s acts of humanity have touched hundreds of people who had lost hope in life.

However, the Akorino gospel artiste recently felt like giving up after a critic accused him of sacrificing some of the children he has helped to the devil.

“I have heard much in this ministry but one that has hurt me most is that ‘never call Karangu for help, he sacrifices kid’. Dear Lord, please fight for me, please,” he wrote on Facebook.

Thousands of his fans pleaded with him not to give up and encouraged him to continue doing God’s work.

“Stop listening to naysayers bro! Stick to your calling, most of us are behind you and believe in you 100%. Keep moving and ignore the background noise,” Muthoni Njakwe cheered him up.

Another netizen, Lizzbeth Guchuh, told him: “Be courageous bro… you know your heart. Some people are just sold out to the devil… keep doing it right.”

Joyce Bosslady commented: “What God has anointed no man can put asunder… keep going, you are God sent.”

Although he is not that wealthy, Karangu uses his networks and huge social media following to promote the welfare of others.

When he identifies a genuine needy case, he goes live on his Facebook page and within hours everything falls into place.

Some of his works include helping poor families clear huge hospital bills and debts, and building decent houses for the elderly.

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