Akothee Changes Tune, Releases First Gospel Song Days After Shocking Fans With Banger in Kamba Language

Just a few weeks ago, controversial singer Esther Akoth, who is popularly known as Akothee, was the talk of the town after releasing her first-ever song in her non-native language.

The flamboyant and sexy artiste shocked her fans with her creative versatility by producing an attractive video of the Kamba song, with some twerking, a vibrantly suggestive dancing style that is her hallmark.

The song titled, Mwiituasa, which loosely translates into ”my sister”, was released in early March, and immediately caught national attention for its lyrics and vivid images of market women gyrating to the danceable beat with the versatile singer and talented dancer.

In the song, Madam Boss extols the virtue of being a strong and independent woman despite facing challenges.

She urges fellow women to stop feeling sorry for themselves even after being dumped by their husbands.

Akothee says on her YouTube page that the theme of the song is about being a strong woman who squarely faces any difficulties in life.

“Every woman should know that no amount of pity will ever put a smile on your face or food on the table. Once you have left your parents’ home in the name of a relationship, your life and the lives of your family members (your children) remain your responsibility. It doesn’t matter the kind of work you will do to make ends meet. All life cares about is that BILLS MUST BE PAID. BE STRONG, ” she says on the YouTube page.

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That aside, the Mombasa-based singer has sprung another surprise. She has changed gears, and directed her heart towards God, culminating in the release of her first gospel song.

The song is titled, Nakupa Moyo, which roughly translates into, “I give you my heart.” On the song, she has featured popular gospel singer and TV reality show star Bahati.

She has in the past done collabos with Nigerian star Flavour, on a song titled, Give it to Me, and another with versatile Tanzanian artiste Diamond Platnumz, Sweet Love, and in both doing some of the lyrics in her native Dholuo.

In the new gospel song, the abrasive singer thanks God for bringing her this far and for the number of times He came through for her when she was penniless and distraught.

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Many will be proud of how close to God she has become and how honest Akothee sounds in the song. It has already clocked 43,400 views on YouTube.

Hinting at the release of the song on Saturday last week, Akothee wrote a long post on her Instagram page, praying to God to accept her, praying that she gets forgiven for all her past wrongs.

“Lord, on this Sabbath day, if it’s my twerking and arrogance that have made you angry or some other sins that I might have assumed, please, find a place in your Kingdom to receive me just as I am as I am your child.
Please, Lord, delete their memories so they stop reminding me of whatever I did in 1900, and walk me through the new pathway 🙏🏾🙏🏾
AMEN ,” she posted.

Her fans could not have been prouder and they must just be happy to see their idol develop a close relationship with God.

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Watch her new gospel song below.

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