Musician Akothee, real name Esther Akoth, is an interesting character, who loves to court controversy.

Today, she will say one thing, and tomorrow another, and she will not care about anyone who gets caught up in the midst of her confusion.

For the past few days, Akothee, the self-styled Boss Lady, has been speaking so well about marriage despite being the self-proclaimed president of single mothers in Kenya.

Well, the proud single mother of five, today, 23rd February, took to her social media platforms to lecture women on how to remain strong in their marriages.

“You can still be a strong woman inside your marriage and spice it up,” she wrote, giving the following as the indicators of a strong woman:

  1. A strong woman believes that we rise by lifting others; she has a helping heart and a giving hand;
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2. A strong woman has no time for negativity; she knows nothing positive can ever come from a negative mind. She, therefore, chooses to live a positive life even when things looks thick;

3. A strong woman has no time to complain; she finds solutions around the challenges. She knows that complaining about her circumstance makes her a slave to her situation;

4. A strong woman embraces her mistakes; she knows that life doesn’t come with a manual, so every day she is a learning lesson. She takes life as a school. Work now and play later;

5. A strong woman take care of herself , her family and friends. She knows that you can only share love if you have love for yourself;

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6. A strong woman has the best opinion about herself; other people’s opinions can never be her reality;

7.A strong woman has a high sense of confidence. She understands her way of life hence doesn’t copy paste anyone’s life.

And Akothee left her fans even more confused.

She advised married women to stay put and avoid copying her as she was herself lost.

“I am also lost. Stay in your marriage. Don’t copy me I am also LOST 🤣🤣🤣. You don’t know my origin and my destination, I will come behind your back and marry your husband,” she cautioned.

Last Sunday, her daughter, Rue Baby, celebrated her birthday and the celebrity mother advised her to get married if possible and avoid ending up like her.

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