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Arap Marindich: Matatu Driver Goes Global in Viral Memes After ‘Rally Driver’ Skit

by Robert Mwangi
2 mins read

Kenyan comedian Arap Marindich has gone viral in the country and beyond its borders after sharing a one-minute video on his social media platforms.

Born Kennedy Lang’at, Marindich and his friend recorded themselves acting as a rally driver and navigator, respectively, in the recent WRC Safari Rally event in Naivasha. The car they used had broken down and they asked its owner if they could do a skit in it.

Marindich and his co-driver were explaining that the terrain was not easy to navigate.

The comic, whose face was dusty, said they got lost in the bush.

“The race was fun but unfortunately we found ourselves in the bush, look at these branches, which are stuck inside our car, we even almost rolled over. All we could see was white drivers passing us by in the bush,” he said in the skit. 

Though he has recorded and published tens of his comic videos online with little success, this one looks promising after going viral.

His priceless reaction narrating his experience as a rally driver is what grabbed the attention of many.

Screenshots of his facial expressions have been taken and are being used as a meme in Kenya and other countries, including Zambia.

Before becoming a star overnight, Marindich had worked as a matatu and taxi driver, though at the moment he has no stable job and depends on short-term assignments.

He revealed that his former employer, who became a great friend, had encouraged him to pursue his talent.

What next for Arap Marindich? “I want to tell my fans that they should expect more jokes and projects.”

Enjoy some of the memes created using Marindich’s facial expressions.

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