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‘Arudie’: Kenyans Make Fun of Oscar Sudi as he Struggles to Read Oath of Office

by Robert Mwangi
2 mins read

The 349 Members of Parliament (MPs), including the 47 Woman Representatives and 12 nominated, are taking the oath of office today, 8th September.

Clerk of the National Assembly Serah Kioko has been administering the oath or affirmation of office to the Members-elect in accordance with Article 74 of the Constitution and Standing Orders 3 of the National Assembly.

Each member is given a written text to read. There has been little drama.

However, Kenyans were excited as Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi was beingsworn-in.

Some netizens argued that the third-term lawmaker struggled to read his oath of office.

Though he really tried, you could tell that it was such a daunting task.

At one point, Kioko had to step in and guide the parliamentarian.

Nyakwar Nyaronga: “Sudi has given the clerk a hard time. The lady had to confirm if honourable MP was not reading stars from hell.”

Khaemba Javan: “After all, he represents his people from Kapsaret and they love him.”

Bookish Harmony: “Being a leader is about heart and intelligence, not mastery of language.”

Karen Wanjiku: “I think after watching Oscar Sudi’s struggles with the Queen’s language at the National Assembly, we all should agree that he be allowed to debate in his mother tongue as, after all, Africa is our business!”

Sudi has an active case in court over his academic papers.

He has been accused of forging his Form Four certificate as well as a diploma.

A while back, the lawmaker defended his spoken English, saying that has a good command of the Queen’s language and he can prove it if paid good money.

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