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‘Ati Hustler?’ Woman Rep Ngirici Gifts Daughter Brand New Mercedes Benz on Her Birthday

by Robert Mwangi
2 mins read
Kirinyaga Woman Rep and her husband surprise daughter with Mercedes Benz

Kirinyaga Woman Representative Purity Wangui Ngirici has been vocal about empowering young people with wheelbarrows, but when it comes to her daughter, that is where she draws the line.

The politician and her husband, Andrew Ngirici, spent the better part of the day celebrating their daughter’s birthday. She turned 21.

And they made the day even more memorable for Tanya, with a big birthday party and a gift to remember.

Not just any other gift, but a brand new Mercedes Benz, KDD …, zero mileage. Purity and Andrew reportedly coughed up Ksh5 million to get the ride for the young woman.

FB IMG 16307868482440156
Tanya’s birthday gift.

The birthday girl arrived where the car was parked with her face covered and the father made her believe it was a simple gift.

“I have a drink for you and I want to share it with you. I hope when you grow up you will be able to buy the same drink for me,” the tycoon said.

When her face was uncovered, she was surprised to see the ‘drink’ was a Mercedes Benz.

She screamed in joy as she was handed her the car keys.

FB IMG 16307868976901947
Father and daughter.

“Tanya, my daughter, you are a blessing in our lives. You make me proud as a mother. You are our pride. Happy birthday,” the Woman Rep said.


The expensive gift has been the talk of social media this evening.

Some netizens argued that it was hypocritical of the lawmaker and her colleagues in Deputy President William Ruto’s camp to promote the wheelbarrow as the tool for a university graduate, yet their sons and daughters are swimming in money.

“Hustlers wake up! They give you wheelbarrows and Mercedes Benz to their children,” Michael Kiragu wrote on Facebook.

However, others did not see anything wrong with parents giving their children the best in life.

“Why complain? Her parents are hardworking Kenyans,” Michael Maina said.

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