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Baby’s Day Out: Grace Msalame With Her Month-Old Son

by Robert Mwangi
2 mins read

Motherhood, it seems, is coming along quite well for TV personality Grace Msalame.

Posting on Instagram, the beautiful broadcaster was excited about taking her one-month-old son for a stroll outside her residential estate in Nairobi.

The little boy was in a baby stroller, and so his face could not be seen.

Grace looked very happy and the baby must also have enjoyed every bit of the leisurely journey.

The caption was the Bible and we can only hope that God answered her prayer.


A few days ago, Grace Msalame left stunned netizens by showing off her body, one month after delivery.

For a moment, many people thought the photo she posted on Instagram was probably taken way before her second pregnancy.

To their surprise, the proud mother of three said it is her new look.

It was puzzling to Instagram users how fast the broadcast media personality had got back her curvaceous figure so soon and was looking so hot.


“Wait, what! It is a TBT, right? Please tell us yes before we start starving ourselves three years later,” journalist Terryann Chebet said.

The hot mama replied: “This is today. Haha! Breastfeeding my son is no joke. Plus I believe with natural birth the return to normal is very fast.”

Other women also wanted to know the secret.

Grace said: “I think it is because my baby breastfeeds like no one’s business.”

Her only job is to make sure she has enough milk for him.

She also disclosed that with her twin daughters, it took six months before her body shape came back.

“I have no correct answer to your questions, but this boy does not joke with his food.”

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