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BBI Insider John Seii Confuses Kenyans as He Broadcasts ‘New Copy’

by Robert Mwangi
2 mins read

Deputy President William Ruto literally set the mood during the unveiling of the Buildings Bridges Initiative (BBI) report at the Bomas of Kenya in Nairobi.

In his speech, Dr Ruto said most of the recommendations were not making sense to him and “millions of hustlers”.

In a fierce reply, President Uhuru Kenyatta rubbished his deputy, saying that he was part and parcel of the BBI initiative from the start.

The President added that the DP helped him identify some members of the task force team.

One member, Major Rtd John Seii, has come out to disown the recently launched document, noting that it does not reflect the views of people.

Seii claims that some key insiders doctored the report and hurriedly made them append their signature in agreement.

For instance, he alleges that members of the public, who presented their proposals, neither did they recommend expansion of the Executive nor want extras seats in Parliamentant.

“It took us by surprise when the question of constituencies was brought up and confirmed by those who went to Naivasha.”

“It was a bombshell to all of us because we never discussed anything that adds weight in terms of financial load on what is existing right now,” he claimed.

The Kalenjin elder further stated that he did not understand who introduced sections that need to be amended through a referendum.

“We never even expected that there would be a constitutional matter where people will say ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. We wanted something called consensus,” he said.

A section of Kenyans argued that Seii’s language of “consensus” is similar to that of DP Ruto, therefore, they suspect he could have been influenced to scuttle the process.

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