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Beauty Galore: Kambua After Firstborn’s Delivery

by Esther M.
2 mins read

It is generally believed that most women somehow shed their beauty and even grow older after giving birth.

Well, this did not happen to gospel artiste Kambua after she gave birth to her first child just over a year ago. She turned out looking even more beautiful and fashionable in the post-delivery days.

The Citizen TV Rauka gospel show host’s firstborn arrived barely a year ago, after she and her husband, Pastor Jackson Mathu, had waited for many years, but never lost hope. As she cherished motherhood, Kambua has been growing more beautiful every single day. However, her style is bound to change again, as she is reportedly expecting her second child, with a close friend of hers hinting that she could actually be carrying twins.

Just have a look at Mama Nate’s old pictures below

And her ever-amazing hairstyles.

Not to mention her infectious smile.

When it’s time to pose for a photo, she does it perfectly.

In case, it’s time for that serious business look, she still looks pretty.

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