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‘Behaved Like Uncircumcised Boy,’ Karen Nyamu Roasts Samidoh in Ugly Post

by Robert Mwangi
2 mins read

The protracted social media drama pitting Mugithi star Samidoh against Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu, his baby mama, seems to be far from over.

Just when Kenyans thought their outbursts would cool off after Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua criticized their behavior on Monday, things are getting even hotter.

Replying to a comment from a follower who was bringing to her attention something Samidoh had said concerning her, Karen brutally said she was no longer interested in what her baby daddy was saying.

She said gone are the day when he mattered to her.

The mother of three once again accused the musician of being immature and regrets a lot of things. She compared his actions during the times they were romantically engaged to those of an uncircumcised boy.

“He should read the signs of the time. The boylike behaviors I saw cannot be unseen,” she said.

Karen broke up with the singer a month ago after causing drama in Dubai during a live performance by him when she jumped on stage before guards pulled her away.

Shortly afterward, she was captured confronting Samidoh’s goat wife, Edday Nderitu, who was also in the building. Their war of words nearly degenerated into a fisticuff before some men intervened and removed Karen from the club.


After facing much criticism from Kenyans and fellow leaders – some from her UDA party, who called for her expulsion over dishonorable behavior – she quit the relationship, saying it was not worth it.

Before, Karen had cried foul for always being the victim every time there was an online exchange between her and Samidoh.

She called out the artist for not defending her when Kenyans branded her a home wrecker.

The two have a boy and a girl, though Karen has a daughter from a past relationship. On the other hand, Samidoh and Edday are blessed with two daughters and a son.

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