Since yesterday, 14th January in the afternoon, a video of an ailing Kenyan gospel musician has been trending on YouTube.

Dennis Mutara was involved in a tragic road accident last year, and since then, his life has never been the same again.

Kenya Diaspora Media (KDM) highlighted his plight, and one thing that came out clearly is that he is suffering from depression, allegedly caused by alcoholism.

From his own words, you could tell that he is in denial. The interview was also very difficult because he would experience memory lapses.

The agonising story got Kenyans talking, as they did not understand why top Kikuyu gospel singers had abandoned one of their own.

Controversial gospel artiste Betty Bayo decided to break her silence and address the issue.

She castigated US-based Kenyan journalist Jeremy Damaris, who broke Mutara’s story.

Betty said it was wrong for the journalist to air such an emotive story “to get paid by YouTube through views”.

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“When one of us is in trouble we are not quick to bring them on camera. Artists have been flowing in and out of Mutara’s house and he said he has no problem worth rehab or interview.

“Currently, his story is trending on YouTube where the host, Jeremy, insists that he is drunk and needs to go to rehab… Jeremy, kindly note when one of us is in trouble we are not quick to bring them on camera,” she said.

Well, very few people agreed with her. Over 10,000 comments, and counting, have been flowing into her Facebook Page’s comments section.

A majority of the netizens felt she was not being honest and that she felt guilty that a person had to fly all the way from the United States to bring to highlight the story.

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Below are some of the reactions:

Susan Kuria: “Jeremy was not the first person to air Mutara’s story, so you look much better when your mouth is closed.”

Bruce Mungai: “I have never made a negative comment, but, please, spare us your nonsense. Concentrate on your relationship with Pastor Victor Kanyari.”

Mwaniki Ndwiga: “I didn’t know this girl can be so petty. You are advising Jeremy not to put others down when you are hypocritically attempting to do exactly that. Now, I don’t blame Kanyari anymore.”

Shiqow Samuel: “Your accusations to Jeremy are baseless and your thinking is reverse. He is drinking alcohol publicly I saw him staggering. And the same public is the one to help him. I support Jeremy all the way.”

Caroline Muriithi: “Now that you have posted here does it make any difference with what he did ? He created awareness so we could join hands and help through prayers not only money! So stop tarnishing jeremy’s reputation!”

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Lilly Richards: “Jeremy DamarisMc has a big heart and he is not a greedy man. Know the man before posting accusations. If it wasn’t for him, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. He creates awareness.”

Interestingly, Jeremy also commented, saying: “Following my sister, God bless you!”

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