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Billionaire Chris Kirubi Says Marriage is Slavery, But Praises Ugandan Women

by Cynthia Nabwire
2 mins read

Business tycoon Chris Kirubi has in an interview with NTV’s Churchill Show host Daniel Ndambuki aka Churchill described marriage as a form of slavery.

Although a strong believer in God, Kirubi said that marriage is gamble, which young people should be careful about, as it can lead to a loss of focus in life.

“I wish all the young people can focus on developing their talent and being very focused on what they do, or what role they are playing in any organisation, because that is the key to success,” he remarked.

However, the self-made billionaire praised Ugandan women, saying that they know how to treat their husbands with respect.

According to him, Kenyan women are unpredictable and can make or destroy your future.

“A Ugandan woman will come to untie my shoes when I come back home, asking me about my day at work. They are very polite, you never fight with them. If you have never experienced, you better go to Uganda and go with a one-way ticket, because you might never come back.”

He added: “Marriage is a permanent affair and you are jailed for life. But if you marry a good woman it is such a pleasure.”

The successful entrepreneur, who runs multiple businesses, observed that commitment to matrimony is a lifetime risk, which he avoided.

“Marriage is enslavement. You have to be careful. You have to agree to go into slavery, to go to jail, and not to get there to test it and get out. It is a permanent affair you are jailed for life.”

Watch the interview below courtesy of NTV.


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