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Bitter Kenyans Regret Uhuruto Era as State Approves Car Grants For MCAs

by Robert Mwangi
2 mins read

When President Uhuru Kenyatta promised car grants to ward representatives two weeks ago, legal experts termed his statement as a mere Executive fiat.

But yesterday the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) shocked the country after approving Ksh4.5 billion grants for MCAs.

According to the plan, each of the 2244 county lawmakers and the 47 speakers would get Ksh2 million each.

The commission said it had taken into county Section 12(1) of the SRC Act of 2011, which outlines the principle of equity in remuneration and benefits.

Further, SRC chairperson Lyn Mengich said the existing Ksh4.5 billion car loan will be converted to grants and therefore the privilege will not raise the country’s expenditure ceiling.

The MCAs were promised the grants after setting it as condition to endorse the BBI referendum bill.

Though SRC has defended its decision in a two-page document, Kenyans could not buy any word in the letter addressed to the Council of Governors (CoG) chair Martin Wambora.

Activists, anti-BBI politicians and Kenyans in general rebuked the commission.

They wondered why SRC failed to address the financial grievances raised by health workers, some of whom are on strike.

Taking their frustrations on social media, the agitated Kenyans, especially Jubilee supporters, said they regret voting in Uhuruto government.

Here are some the reactions:

KMPDU Secretary-General Chibanzi Mwachonda: “SRC should be renamed Selective Remuneration Commission and stripped of the mandate to advice and determine on salaries and benefits for public sector workers. Clearly serving the interests of a few ‘elite’ people.”

Martha Karua: “The timing of the SRC letter to Gov Wambora @KenyaGovernors suggests that the commission is but an appendage of the executive @StateHouseKenya which negates the very reason for its existence as a constitutional commission.”

Daudi Ambrosini: “Lyn Mengich couldn’t even hearken to the pleas of doctors for the salary increment… Animal farm.”

Rotich Edwin: “Don’t blame Lyn Mengich for the approval of funds. She was ORDERED to do so by #BBINonsense proponents.”

Ole Kereu: “When I learn that Lyn Mengich approved Ksh4.5 billion to bribe MCAs to pass BBI, I just take tranquilizers and bed myself. At this rate, I will lose more hair and develop more wrinkles. Whatever that’s happenng in this country isn’t for the greater public good. Why?”

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