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‘Boycott His Show,’ Kenyans Fire at Fred Machoka For Trashing ‘Lower Food Prices’ Campaign

by Robert Mwangi
2 mins read

For the second day running, Kenyans on social media are piling more pressure on the government to lower food prices.

In a campaign dubbed “Lower Food Prices”, the citizens are lamenting if becoming virtually impossible to put something on the table.

Kenyans from all walks of life have been commenting on the trending topic, that has since taken a political angle.

Legendary radio presenter Fred Obachi Machoka waded into the raging debate and made some controversial remarks.

According to the Roga Roga show host on Citizen Radio and Citizen TV, the conversation is misplaced by blaming the government on the soaring cost of food.

He argues that brokers are at the heart of the crisis and should be called out and ensure regulatory measures are taken.

“Food prices in Kenya are at their lowest. It is the brokers (what you call Mama Mbogas) who are milking the consumer, not the farmer,” he wrote.

The journalist added that “what Kenyans need are fair taxation and controlled prices.”

However, his views received a lot of criticism.

Quite a good number of Kenyans claimed that he was showing “hustlers” the middle figure because he is in an “advantaged” position.

Others called for the boycotting of his show “to teach him a lesson”.

Here are some reactions triggered by Machokaa’s observations.

Gakii Odongo: “I actually agree with him, but the brokers can be curtailed by the government.”

Chris Katitian: “What a poor reasoning from such a respected media personality? Do supermarkets belong to Mama Mbogas?”

Vincent Mounde: “Respect diminishing drastically! The main problem is the high cost of production of consumable items and the government has a direct hard in controlling their prices.”

Ken Kanzi: “Overtaxing of the energy sector is to blame. Fuel and electricity are the key players of production, processing, and supply.”

Kypronoh Ketyenya: “For this, you’ve missed the point. Brokers were not born yesterday in Kenya. The government and concern entities have failed in addressing the plight of the common mwananchi.”

Nancy Kenyatta: “I did not expect such words from a person like you. But I understand you are not a common mwananchi so you are not affected. For us, it is ‘Lower Food Prices’.”

Pretold Boge: “So Mama Mboga has the power to add taxes too?”

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