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But Why? Just See Netizens’ Reactions After Waihiga Wife Posted Her Photo With Childhood Male Friend

by Esther M.
2 mins read

The online world can really be an interesting space sometimes.

This is because everyone is free to give his or her opinions on issues they are interested in.

Netizens are so unpredictable, as they are fond of sparking confrontations and drawing conclusions from the most unusual incidents.

Well, Citizen TV news anchor Waihiga Mwaura’s wife, Joyce Omondi, today, 20th May, shared an exciting photo on her IG that attracted all sorts of comments from her fans.

It was a photo of Joyce and her male childhood friend.

Joyce was amazed at how fast he had grown.

“Once upon a time, I could wrap my arm around your shoulder. Now I can only lean on it 🙈😅” wrote Joyce.

And to make things straight, Joyce revealed that her childhood friend is married.

“Once upon a time I was one of a handful of women in your life. Now you are the Godly husband to a beautiful, young woman,” she added.

Joyce said that so much had changed about her long-time friend.

“I’m so proud of the man you’ve become ♥️” she concluded.

Her fans flooded her comments section with all sorts of remarks.

Many blamed Joyce for introducing her handsome friend to them after he got married.

Others enquired whether he has a younger brother.

A few acknowledged the fact that they look good together.

Here are some of the comments:

jacky vike: “Umesema disclaimer ya husband ikue haraka harak Joyce😂.”

NickMudimba: :Aaah very nice! Congratulations to him, now he has a salon mate.” 

drmaghyghe: “Can his wife fight? Asking for my friend.”

minakhoi: “So is there a smaller brother?”

oliviachieng: “Sasa huyu alikuwa amejificha wapi.”

lizgathu: “You should start with the husband part coz sasa I had my hopes up for my single friends/”

Celine: “Ateee akona MTU 😢…🔥❤️ He looks good, though🔥.”

corsets: “Weh, kashachukuliwa tu nikizubaa.”

edithjiraini: “Why didn’t you introduce him to us earlier?”

Teresa: “Na vile in my type …hata sijasikia vibaya vile ako married.”

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