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But Why? Kalekye Mumo Confesses She Once Didn’t Get Along With Her Own Mother

by Esther M.
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Former radio queen Kalekye Mumo has revealed that she has not always gotten along well with her mother.

She revealed that during her teenage they were like water and paraffin.

She did not even think that the two would become the best of friends today.

image 177
image 177

“In my teen years, if anyone could have told me that we would be such good friends in my adult life, I would have called them liars,” she wrote

Raising teenagers could be such a challenge, and especially, when the parents do not know how to properly handle them.

And this may be the reason why Kalekye and her mother had a strained relationship.

Kalekye revealed this when she took to her social media platforms to celebrate her mother’s 75th birthday.

She said her mother “is still so fine and with a smooth face even in her advanced age”.

image 176
image 176

“Woooohoooo I can’t keep calm… it’s my mama’s birthday 🥳🥳🥳🥳,…no pimple is now 75 and rocking it.” she declared.
Kalekye was so excited to have her mother as both her parent and her friend.

“Happy birthday, Mrs… as we call her behind closed doors 😂. I am so blessed to have you as a mum and a friend. Happy birthdaaaaaay 🎉🎉🎉🎉,” she concluded.

image 178

Kalekye’s parents’ marriage anniversary

A few days ago, Kalekye’s parents celebrated 51 years of marriage and their daughter was thrilled.

image 179
image 179

“Today, I am counting my biggest blessings… my parents. As I throw it back to last August when we celebrated their 50th anniversary in a small immediate family-only ceremony and reception. I am blessed that the Lord has kept them well and strong to see another year together in love…”

Kalekye’s relationship status

Kalekye is in her 40s and unmarried but she is a happy girl.

image 180
image 180

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