CAS Zack Kinuthia Fried as He Calls Kenyans Against IMF Loan ‘Black Fools’

Kenyans have angrily reacted to a comment made by Sports Chief Administrative Secretary Zack Kinuthia.

In a crude statement, the CAS gave Kenyans a dressing-down for fighting the International Monetary Fund (IMF) after it advanced a Ksh257 billion loan to Kenya.

According to Kinuthia, Kenyans embarrassed themselves by starting a petition to stop the multinational lender from disbursing the credit.

He said the move by the petitioners was unpatriotic, adding that they looked daft to the international community.

“In bare and clear terms, it is a degenerated sense of decayed patriotism or simply alarming lack of patriotism for any Kenyan to have exposed their country to ridicule as far as the International Monetary Fund loan facility to Kenya is concerned,” he said.

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“In the eyes of the ‘foreigners’, you looked so daft. You earn from them a title of a ‘black fool’.”

The sentiments did not sit well with a majority of Kenyans online.

They said the civil servant was defending borrowing because “he is a beneficiary of the looting of public resources”.

Others claimed he didn’t quality for the position of CAS, as he was only appointed allegedly due to his sycophancy.

The comments below are a sample of how netizens reacted:

David Mararovic: “This dude got bad luck when it comes to thinking.”

Joshua Tela: “I don’t think he understands who is being UNPATRIOTIC. But one thing is clear, KENYANS HAVE DECIDED TO BE REAL PATRIOTS THAN (sic) ITS LEADERS, who keep borrowing yet can’t manage the same funds, which we end up losing to corruption.”

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Mwangi Kamau: “He has started playing sports at higher gear. Kudos to him.”

Cappy Gerald: “I agree. Politicians looting the IMF loans are very patriotic.”

Kirimi Waachia: “So, those stealing the same money and pocket everything leaving Kenyans struggling to pay debts can be praised and awarded as esteemed patriots!!!!?, Where is your brain?”

James Karuga: “Sometimes it is good to be silent and let people think you are wise rather than to talk and let them confirm the obvious.”

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