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Casual Workers at Health Centres Sacked, Says MCA

by Esther M.
2 mins read

Casual workers at health centres and Level 4 hospitals in Kitui County have been laid off without being given any notice, an MCA claims.

James Mutunga Munuve, the Kanziku Ward MCA, told Musyi FM in an interview that the sackings had occurred despite the County Assembly having approved a supplementary budget for the payment of their wages.

“The supplementary budget this financial year was meant to enable the casual health workers to be paid,” he added.

He blamed Governor Charity Ngilu for the decision to send the workers home. The governor’s office had not responded to the accusation.

With the House having approved a Ksh21.735 million supplementary budget for the health workers, he said, it was unfair to kick them out.

He also alleged that the workers had not been paid for three months.

MCA Munuve also said that a Ksh10 million supplementary budget had been approved for the county ministry of health and sanitation through the County Coronavirus Committee to help fight the Covid-19 pandemic.

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