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Chilling Story of Kayole Boy Stabbed in The Eye With Knife That Touched Brain

by Robert Mwangi
2 mins read

Seventeen-year-old Nairobi resident Abdi Shakur Saidi is just too lucky to be alive. today

On New Year’s Eve, Saidi was heading home with his friends at night when thugs attacked them – he was the unlucky one.

The attackers stabbed him iwth a knife in the left eye, leaving him for dead

Sadly, his friends tried to remove it, not knowing the dangers they were exposing him to.

Immediately after the incident, which happened in Kayole in Nairobi’s Eastlands,, Saidi could talk, but after bleeding heavily, he lost consciousness.

He was taken to Mama Lucy Hospital at Keyole, where medics said they did not have the capacity to handle his case. He was then referred to the Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH).

At the KNH, the best of the best experts in different medical fields, including neurosurgeons and ophthalmologists, were consulted.

The family was informed that the knife could only be removed through surgery, but the operation could save his life or kill him Another possible effect was the lose of his eyesight.

On 5th January, the teenager was taken to the theatre and it took 12 hours to remove the sharp object. The knife had touched a part of his brain but did not cause extensive damage.

Unfortunately, the knife raptured his eye completely, meaning that he will never use the organ again, Dr Omar Ahmednasir told the Nation.

“Major blood vessels were not injured and the patient had no indication of stroke, so he was admitted to the ICU and taken off the ventilator the next day,” the neurosurgeon explained.

Saidi recalls the events of that fateful day like yesterday.

“I told my friends not to call my mother because I knew she would be too scared at the sight of me with a knife sticking out of my eye. They tried to yank the knife, but only succeeded in removing its handle,” he said.

The boy is now recuperating at home.

The hospital did the surgery free of charge.

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