Choose and Wear Your Shoes Right for Attractive Style, Safety and Comfort

Whenever you walk into a shoes shop, do you just grab any pair you come across or do you have an outfit in mind that you think will go well with what you want?
Ashley Wanjiku, 27, is a designer and a fashionista, who runs a shoe collection shop on Ronald Ngala Street, Nairobi, knows quite well that it is not just about covering your feet and getting going.
You need to understand what shoe type blends with what kind of outfit, she explains:

Sandals are the best shoes to wear on a sunny day.
They are best worn with sunny dresses and a pair of Palazzo pants paired with a sleeveless shirt.

These are the most convenient shoes.
They go well with almost every outfit. You can wear them with a dress, skirt, a pair of jeans or khaki.
If you are a fun of flats, you are safe.

Wedges, shoe experts explain, are more comfortable than heels and they are easy to walk in.
They are best worn with dresses. They are more of a casual type of a shoe.

Heels are not the type of shoes you wear every day, otherwise this will affect your health (spine complications and change in a body posture).
Heels can be stilettos, for a more official look or peep toes, which can be both casual and official.

Crocs are not shoes you go out in but rather a stay-at -home type.
They are comfy and are best worn with sweatpants and T-shirts and hoodies.
You don’t want to be seen with these shoes. They may look cool but they are not presentable.

Remember those days your mother would make you wear a dress with a pair of sports shoes and you would feel ridiculous? Well, time has changed and today if you dress the same way, you feel like a cool kid.
These shoes are undeniably comfortable, and can be worn with a dress or a pair of jean and T-shirt.

There are a variety of boots. The thigh-high boots, the knee-high boots and the ankle-high boots.
They are all worn with different outfits.
Thigh-high boots are best worn with a pair of skinny pants or short dresses.
The knee-high boots and the ankle boots can also be worn with skinny pants as well as body-con dresses.

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