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CJ Maraga Denies ‘Sharing Romantic Moments’ With Judge

by Robert Mwangi
2 mins read

Chief Justice David Maraga has refuted claims that he shared romantic moments with a fellow judge between 2017 and 2018.

CJ Maraga was responding to a video circulating on social media platforms alleging that he had an affair with Pauline Nyamweya, who is the presiding judge of the Judicial Review Division.

He termed the story as malicious and one intended to to undermine the third arm of the government.

“This is how low they have sunk in their determination to undermine the Judiciary and judicial independence,” he said.

The clip, which has been shared in drifts, claims that Maraga is forcing the appointment of the 41 embattled judges, whom President Uhuru Kenyatta has refused to endorse.

According to the damning video, the vetting of the magistrates was done in private as a way of shielding their questionable reputations.

“Private vetting robs the public of valuable opportunities to gauge public officials and the narrative is confused for the benefit of the corrupt.”

Further, it is purported that the president of the Supreme Court defied orders that quashed the consideration of the 41 nominees, terming their vetting as “irregular.”

In addition, the clip claims that two of the appointees received bribes from the Akasha brothers, who were convicted in the United States for drug trafficking.

“Two judges namely Chacha Mwita and Aggrey Muchelule had been named by the recently convicted Akasha brothers as receiving bribes and providing protection for criminals and their associates.”

Executive Vs Judiciary

President Kenyatta refused to okay the list of the 41 judges, citing intelligence reports.

For his part, Maraga believes that the President was only playing politics after the Judiciary declined to play ball with the Executive.

The CJ noted that thousands of cases have been suspended due to inadequate number of judges.

The case backlog, Maraga explained, had denied many Kenyans justice.

Defending the Executive, Attorney-General Paul Kariuki Kihara remarked that the Chief Justice was attempting to cleanse his name after failing to initiate reforms in the crucial arm of the government.

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