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Coronavirus: TSC Bans Handshakes for All Staff

by Robert Mwangi
2 mins read

Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has banned handshakes for all its employees in their offices across the country.

In a statement, Director of Administrative Service Ibrahim Mumin said the compromise was reached as a precaution against coronavirus disease.

The commission highlighted collective responsibility as one way to deal with the already declared Public Health Emergency by World Health Organization (WHO).

“Staff are advised that with effect from today until further notice, NO SHAKING OF HANDS,” the statement reads.

TSC also urged their staff to make sure the the environment around them is clean as another measure to protect themselves from the deadly virus.

Mumin further said they will purchase enough sanitisers to be distributed for use in their office branches.

“The commission will create an enabling environment for prevention of the disease by ensuring thorough cleanliness of all areas and providing hand sanitizers,” he said.

The administrator added that prevention of the disease is key as there is no cure once the virus gets in the body.

“The effects of the disease are very severe including death. Todate, there is no vaccine or drug to treat the disease,” Mumin noted.

Kenya has not recorded any case of Covid-19, but the government has continued to ask its citizens to ensure they keep themselves safe.

President Uhuru Kenyatta issued an Executive Order on the same and formed National Emergency Response Committee on Coronavirus.

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