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‘Courts Cannot Stop BBI Reggae,’ Uhuru Declares in Rage

by Robert Mwangi
2 mins read

President Uhuru Kenyatta has reaffirmed that his plan to amend the Constitution through the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) is unstoppable.

Speaking during the Madaraka Day celebrations in Kisumu, the Head of State said he and ODM leader Raila Odinga want a better Kenya for all.

He remarked that contrary to the perception of some people who believe the two forged a working relationship for personal interests, their intentions are to build a cohesive Kenya.

“I want to thank the Right Honourable Raila Odinga for embracing our national plan over his personal gain, when we did the Handshake. What is more: He did this without asking from me for anything; I thank him,” he said.

The Kenyan leader reiterated that the BBI is all about inclusivity and not personal gain.

“The BBI dream is to send even more resources to the counties to catalyse their accelerated development. We have proposed under the BBI to send 35 per cent of national revenue to counties. Our Founding Fathers dared us to build that future they dreamt of by doing big things.”

In addition, the President attacked the High Court for declaring the BBI clamour to change the law as illegal, null and void.

He claimed that judges were increasingly becoming impartial and also failing to weigh the consequences of their rulings before delivering them.

“From nullification of presidential election to the attempt to stop the will of the people, BBI, the Judiciary has tested constitutional limits. While I stand by the Rule of Law and will obey decisions of the courts, I am compelled to heed the supreme voice of Kenyans.

“We were losing Ksh1 billion every working hour for the 123 days we held the 2017 elections. The question the National Conversation should ask is: Who carried the burden of this choice? The Judiciary or the people? The people carried the burden of this choice,” he said in anger.

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