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Covid-19 Treatment: Nairobi Hospital Nurse in Tears, as She Narrates The Pain in Isolation Ward

by Robert Mwangi
2 mins read

Almost everyone across the world has felt the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic in one way or the other.

But who can the explain the true picture of the situation better than a health worker?

A nurse (name withheld) has come out to narrate how the respiratory illness has altered the healthcare system in the country.

The Nairobi Hospital staffer said that this period has been the most challenging in her nursing profession.

In a long post seen by Litkenya.com, the healthcare worker explained the increase in number of new cases per day has made it even more difficult.

She further highlighted that the complex situation is forcing her to stay away from her husband and two little kids with one still breastfeeding.

Below is how the tearful nurse described her experience on Wednesday night, 15th July.

“One minute you are just in a normal ward and the next minute you are converted into a Covid-19 unit extension because of the increasing numbers. It used to a busy ward but now it is even busier.”

“Night two and almost 1am and no signs of settling anytime soon. I took a minute to break down because as usual I’m a cry baby.”

“Despite going through a counselling session as the whole unit, damn mahn… I’m not quite sure how I feel about everything. I can only be positive that it will get better with time.”

“Initially, we just used to do a surgical mask and a haircap because we were just a normal ward. Now donning and doffing a thousand PPEs to get into a patient room.”

“You literally melt inside those PPEs, you get breathless, I can’t count the number number of times I almost felt like passing out in a patient’s room last night.”

Yaani, this is been in the frontline for real! It’s scary, it’s overwhelming and so tiring. My face feels swollen from all the covering. I guess maybe by week two tutazoea.”

“Imagine scrubs, the Covid-19 bodysuit, shoe cover, triple gloves, double masked, then surgical on top, then a thumbloop on top and your face is covered.”

“I’m glad our hospital actually have put all this great preventive measures in place and also never lack PPEs, but those same PPEs make you want to be done in a patient’s room very fast. It is hard when you have an involving procedure.”

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