CS Kagwe Slams Kenyans in His Latest Coronavirus Media Briefing

Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe has criticised fellow Kenyans in his latest coronavirus media briefing.

Addressing a press conference at the ministry’s Afya House headquarters, Nairobi, on Tuesday, 24th March, CS Kagwe noted that Kenyans were an indisciplined and difficult people.

The seemingly angry CS said that the level of indiscipline being shown by Kenyans would heavily cost the country.

He called for responsibility among Kenyans as the country braves to fight Covid-19.

“Kenyans are very indisciplined and it will cost us. We want responsibility among citizens. Keep your kids home…you people of the media need to tell them,” he said.

He said Kenyans had been warned over the disease but they feigned ignorance.

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“It is a grievous mistake for us to give you your child and then you go exposing him or her. Then you call us and say serikali saidia… this is the time you need to saidia yourself not the government…,” he said.

“Children were not sent on holiday but home for protection. Do not tell us ‘serikali saidia’. It won’t work…”

He warned the 14-seater matatus that carry eight passengers and take in more when the police are not present.

“If we tell you that a matatu should carry eight, do exactly that…when you do it because you can see the police then later when the police are absent, you carry more people, it is sad,” he said.

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“…it is difficult to understand ..are you trying to kill yourself and the people in the matatu..”

He said the government would announce further measures tomorrow, Wednesday, 25th March, alluding to a total lock down of the country.

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