David Ndii: ‘I’ve Decided to Work With Corrupt DP Ruto For Personal Benefit’

Oxford University-trained economist David Ndii has joined the “Hustlers’ Movement” as a strategist.

Ndii took to his official Twitter handle to announce that he has decided to work with Deputy President William Ruto, a man he has severely criticised in the past over corruption.

Even now, the economist did not paint the Deputy President as a saint.

He noted that DP Ruto was introduced into a corrupt system, and could have pretended to be “holier-than-thou”.

“No apologies. @WilliamsRuto has adopted a transformation agenda I believe in. He has corruption baggage. Raila (Odinga), Uhuru (Kenyatta), and the rest also have corruption baggage and no agenda for the country—just power. Someone come forward and prove that Ruto is more corrupt than the rest. Hypocrites,” he said.

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The former opposition strategist said he had just decided to work with the lesser of two evils.

He added that he has a personal agenda and the only person who can help him to attain it is the DP.

In addition, Ndii said he is not accountable to the public because he does not work for the government.

“Good people, I have already confessed to the crime of associating with corrupt Ruto to further my personal agenda. I have asserted that my politics is not public service, and I’m not obliged to live up to public expectations I never signed up for. Can you move on?” he stated.

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Responding to critics, the economist said he would not change his mind anytime soon.

“Thank you very much, Raila groupies and other assorted livestock. The torrent of insults shows that clearly, my political stand is consequential. Haha!”

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