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Did DP Ruto Lie to The Whole Nation in Black And White?

by Robert Mwangi
2 mins read
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Deputy President William Ruto shocked many Kenyans on Monday after claiming that he is yet to start his presidential election campaigns.

Speaking as he chaired the Inter-Governmental Budget Economic Council (IBEC), DP Ruto said his political activities across the country are nothing, but the inspection of government projects.

He claimed that many people have been confusing his official duties with campaigns.

“Until the IEBC announces campaigns, for now, we are doing government work. Maybe you haven’t seen me in a tie, I think that’s the problem. The government’s work can be done even without a tie, you must not dress formally.

“I have been working without being formally dressed. There is no provision in the law that you must be in a tie,” he said.

However, this is a clear contradiction of what he has been preaching in political rallies.

Apparently, the DP has been criticizing the government more than supporting it.

He is on record countless times stating that President Uhuru Kenyatta forgot to implement his agenda after joining hands with ODM leader Raila Odinga in March 2018.

One of his most consistent messages in campaign trail has been: “Our agenda has been hijacked by the opposition. The man of the riddles (Raila) is to blame for sabotaging our plans. If I form the next government, I will revive the Big Four Agenda.”

Also, the country’s number two is on record as saying that he nurturing his presidential ambition while his competitors have been meeting in hotels, hoping to form the next government from the blues.

President Kenyatta has also on several occasions stated that he stopped working with his deputy because of engaging in pre-mature 2022 campaigns.

“Ruto is like a relay runner who was waiting for the baton to be pressed, he has turned his back and is running in the wrong direction,” he said during a meeting that the DP had attended.

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