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Difficult to Watch: Video of Jeff Falling From DJ Fatxo House Emerges

by Robert Mwangi
2 mins read

A chilling video showing the body of Jeff Mwathi, the 23-year-old designer, who died at Mugithi star DJ Fatxo’s house, landing on the ground has emerged.

The CCTV footage obtained by blogger Simon Mwangi Muthiora, who brought the matter to light, is heartbreaking. He shared it on his Telegram page.

In the brief footage, the body of Jeff has can seen flying down and hitting the cabros. It originated from the 10th floor of DJ Fatxo’s.

On impact, it is clear his head opened and it content splashed out on the floor. Several other body parts dismembered.

The big question in this case has been: did he throw himself off or he was pushed out from the window by someone?

The incident was recorded and closed as suicide, but subsequent details published by Muthiora days after Jeff had been laid to rest raised eyebrows and triggered a national uproar.

Many Kenyans concluded that Jeff might have been murdered and the plot covered.

Addressing the media today, the musician distanced himself from the incident, saying his cousin and driver, who were in the house when the body dropped should carry their cross.

On the fateful night, DJ Fatxo, Jeff, his cousin, driver and three women arrived at the apartment in two cars.

DJ Fatxo and the three women departed an hour and some minutes later.

Less than an hour after the three left, his cousin and driver are seen surveying the ground floor on the spot Jeff’s body landed at 5:47 am.

Later, the management knocks on all doors facing the angle that the body might have come from, but DJ Fatxo’s house was not opened.

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