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DJ Fatxo Lawyers in Desperate Damage Control After He Messes up Again

by Robert Mwangi
2 mins read

A press conference that was meant to minimize emotions in the public case involving popular musician DJ Fatxo against the late Jeff Mwathi resulted in more questions than the expected answers.

Instead of cooling down the escalating situation, DJ Fatxo blundered, causing for more trouble for himself, especially in the eyes of Kenyans.

He admitted that Jeff died in his apartment after falling down from the 10th floor of his house, but quickly noted that his cousin and driver are responsible.

The Mugithi maestro said he was not at home when the incident happened but was concerned when he returned and found that Jeff was not in the house.

When they could not explain his whereabouts, he says he immediately reported the matter to the police and Jeff was declared a missing person.

That was a big mistake. It is impossible for the police to announce a person as missing if 24 hours have not passed from the time he/she disappeared.

CCTV footage also betrayed. When he returned about five hours after leaving, he was captured by CCTV cameras viewing Jeff’s body on the ground floor. How did he then not know that Jeff was already dead?

His legal team led by Ndegwa Njiru has today tried to offset the damage their client caused on himself, claiming that he was misquoted by the media.

Njiru insisted that his client never said he reported Jeff as missing. However, it is on record he uttered the remarks.

“That is a creation of the media,” the counsel said.

Criminal lawyer Cliff Ombeta said it would have been better if DJ Fatxo kept quiet instead of coming out only to cause himself more problems.

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