These days, going to a beauty parlour to get your nails done isn’t really a must. You can do your nails in the comfort of your room right at home. Save some money and do it for yourself.
All you require are the following:
Nail cutter;
Nail file;
Nail buffer;
Stickons (artificial nails);
Nail polish of your choice.

You can get a little more creative to transform your nail painting into real nail art without making it look so complicated.
Step 1
Apply glue on your natural nails and then stick the artificial nails on them. Do this for your nails on each and every finger. Ensure you pick the right size of the artificial nails that fit with yours to avoid having them looking all plastic and fake.
Step 2.
Take the nail buffer and buff your nails. This will help you to have a more natural look.
Step 3.
Use the nail cutter to trim the nails to your desired size. Ensure you have them on the length you are comfortable with.
Step 4.
File them to the shape you want and smooth the edges to help you have a neater look.
Step 5.
Lastly, apply your nail polish and get creative for a better look. This will enable you to have better nails rather than having a plain look.

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