Do You Know The Brand Name of The Shoes You Are Wearing or it Doesn’t Matter?

Shoes are not just for walking around in and protecting one’s feet from getting hurt, they are also a part of one’s total outfit.

The shoes we choose actually say so much about us even before we open our mouths.

This always reminds me of a popular song, Uliza Kiatu (ask the shoe)’.

Well, just like your outfits, do you get to know the specific names of the shoes that you wear?

In case your friend asks you to refer them to the same shop to buy the exact shoes you are wearing, will you have a name or they will have to take a photo of your shoes with them?

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Nairobi-based fashionista Deborah Munywoki of Dee Collections takes us through the different trending types of shoes and their exciting names.

And as they say, ladies first.

Below are the trending official shoes for women.

The stiletto heels shoes above will bring out that official look for women and they can be won for other occasions, too

Every fashionable woman will agree that they are classy, sassy and catchy shoes when won with matching outfits.

Below are some official party and occasion shoes for women.

Then there are Vans rubber shoes for men.

Next are Nike Air Force shoes that come in a multiple of attractive colours.

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Nike Air Force shoes can be comfortably won with suits and jeans to bring out that classy look.

For the sports look, Puma shoes are comfortable and classy.

These are also unisex Puma shoes and their wearers catch plenty of attention.

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