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Do You Like Getting Drunk or Are You Forced to?

by Helen Ndubi
2 mins read

There is absolutely no shame in choosing the kind of relationship you will have with alcohol. However, always ask yourself, ‘why do I drink?’ because it would be quite helpful to determine if it’s healthy for you or not. Mental health experts challenge people to know if they can easily do these factors in cases where they are not under the influence of anything intoxicating.

Drink to cope with things from the past

Many people drink their lives away simply because they are not yet ready to face what happened in the past and choose to start healing by seeking professional help. If at all this is why you drink, the health professionals warn, then you risk cultivating an addiction.

Peer pressure 

Alcohol is now a common safety-avoidance behaviour for people who experience social anxiety. Such people use alcohol so that they can not be labelled ‘boring’ and for their friends to like them. We all have to admit going out with friends willingly turns out to be fun but don’t do it if you’re uncomfortable but just want to fit in.

To feel less awkward 

Most people use drinks as a ‘social crutch’ to feel calmer and become more social with everyone they meet. Even so, if you are not also confident when sober it simply shows you are only using getting drunk as a curtain to hide your insecurities.

Taking the edge off work 

After working all day, it can be overwhelming and equally exhausting especially if you are still adopting. In this case, drinking may help you relax abit but it shouldn’t be the norm each and every day. One ought to balance in that at times you can go out for a run or hit the gym just to clear your head when tired of work.

Trying to escape from reality 

Many choose to drink to forget about maybe something bad that has occurred, like losing a job, or being broke. It’s okay to feel the emotions that come along but also keep in mind that getting drunk is only a temporary solution for pleasure and when the alcohol leaves your body,  current reality will still be there. You can instead open up to someone you trust saving you from a lot of irrational decision-making.

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