Don’t be Deceived Into Thinking it’s That Easy, Nigerian Star Tonto Dikeh Advises Youth

In this era of social media, a good number young people have been influenced to envy the lives of celebrities who flaunt their flashy lifestyles on their digital platforms.

But top Nigerian actress Tonto Wigo Charity Dikeh, who is popularly known as Tonto Dikeh, has advised young people not to fall victim to what they see.

Dikeh has told young people not to get depressed when they read about success stories on social media.

Through an Instagram post, the beauty icon summarised it all to planning, saving and declared that it takes time.

Quick advice to young hustling people:

“A lot of you come to social media to see people who are having a great time with exotic trips and vacations, and you slip into depression. What you don’t know is that many people plan and save towards their trips. Some people plan a year before or even two years. A beautiful photo that shows a vacation might be a result of saving for many years. Don’t be deceived into thinking it’s that easy. It is not.

Even the flashy cars and houses and phones you see with rich people, they plan and save for them. They won’t tell you, all you know is that they just got a house. Go and ask them how long it took to save up, and the sacrifices they made to gather up the finances.

“See, it’s never really too rosy for people as it seems on social media. Just keep working hard. Save for important things. Save to spoil yourself.

Many young people have copied the lives of their favourite celebrities to fit in the standards they see.

In December last year, the stunningly beautiful Nolywood actress expressed a desire to have another baby. Already she has a son from her failed marriage.

The 34-year-old star got married to Oladunni Churchill on August 2015 and they divorced on February 2016, and the actress’s father, Chief Sunny Dikeh, refunded the bride price.

The movie star popularly known for “Dirty Secret” gave an impression on her Instagram that she was ready to get her second baby a year after dumping her hubby.

“Childbirth took away all my impurities. I was super grateful for that. Now I am back to fighting one pimple,”

she wrote on her Instagram

The actress, whose breakthrough was marked by being the first runner- up on the reality show, “The Next Movie Star”, in 2016, has time and again hinted there is another man in her life.

She runs runs her own “Tonto Foundation”, which supports young girls who have been either been raped, molested or assaulted by taking them through mentorship.

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