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‘Don’t Unless You Want to Die,’ Wahu Warns Smitten Man Preying Her Daughter

by Robert Mwangi
2 mins read
Singer Wahu with her daughter Tumi

Famous Kenyan singer Wahu Kagwi is a mother of two stunningly beautiful daughters. Her oldest is 15.

Just days ago, the artiste took to social media to shower her firstborn, Tumi with praises.

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She acknowledged that in Tumi she found a best friend and a partner in crime.

She revealed that she and her child are now spotting the same hairstyles, a moment she had truly waited for long.

“My baby girl Tumi and I have been hair twinning a lot this year, we’ve definitely twinned quite a bit in 2021. She has inspired me a lot!

“Additionally, she always gasses me up when my hair is on point. Daughters are awesome,” she wrote.

Her fans agreed with her sentiments, but there is a man who could not see anything else, but Tumi’s beauty.

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The charmed man confessed his love for the 15-year-old and even revealed he has been trying to hit on her through her (Tumi) social media platforms.

“And she can’t reply to my sms,” the man jotted down.

When Wahu saw the comment, she admonished the smitten man.

“Don’t DM my child unless you want to die,” she responded.

The Sweet Love crooner’s reply drew hundreds of reactions, with most social media users, especially mothers, admitting that they would give a similar warning if a man tried to pursue their underage daughter.

Diana Kepha wrote: “I feel you Wahu, I fully understand your response. May the Lord always protect our babies in our absence.

Another netizen by the name of Cheptab Nandi said: “Don’t joke with a child’s life in front of his or her mother. You will be axed.”

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