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DP Ruto: Lessons on Honesty And Transparency

by litfeed
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By Jay Kioko

The social media has been abuzz with stories of who Ruto’s children are. If Ruto was not a public figure nobody would give a hoot how many children he has or how many women he has had in his life.

In the west it is important for leaders to declare such kind of information. In the UK, Boris Johnson has had two other former wives and from the way he is partying in the midst of a pandemic, all indicators are there that he will be adding another one soon😂. Donald Trump likewise has had 3 wives and was elected president when he was still grabbing them by the “things”. That information about them is out there and so the citizens were not so much concerned about it. It would have been more of an issue if that information was not available to the public.

Honesty and transparency are the hallmarks of a leader.

There is an American presidential hopeful, can’t remember his name, who was spotted entering a brothel way back. That alone made him lose the ticket. If he had made it public that he loved going to Sabina Joy, that would still sit well with Americans. They care less. What they need is honesty and information…in black and white

When I was dating many years ago, the first thing I told any girl I was interested in is that I have a daughter whom I got while still in the university (named Diploma😂). That made things easy for me and it did not stop lasses from following me. And so what I am telling William Samoei Ruto is that being a public figure, the populace is entitled to that piece of information. Whether it will add sukumas on their plates is what I don’t know. 😂😂😂
Lakini kachamaa kalichakua… Just like me when I was young.😂The mellenials call it mali safi, clean property… 😂😂😂Congratulations son, Nick Ruto

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