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DP Ruto Trashes Raila’s Meeting With Mt Kenya Billionaires: ‘Msinione Hivi’

by Robert Mwangi
2 mins read
DP Ruto rubbishes Raila's meeting with Mt Kenya billionaires

Deputy President William Ruto has described as insignificant the meeting between ODM leader Raila and Mt Kenya tycoons yesterday, September 28.

Speaking at Nyeri, Dr. Ruto said the billionaires who met the former Prime Minister want him as a trojan horse if succeeds President Uhuru Kenyatta.

He claimed that apart from protecting their business interests, they have nothing to benefit the common man.

The second in command added that he should not be accused of promoting class war when he interacts with the poor and promises to uplift their lives if becomes President.

“We know they are meeting Raila and other government officials so that their wealth can be protected, we have no problem with that. But we must also agree that when I meet hustlers so that I can help them, it is not class war as they have been purporting.

“We must understand that the interests of the rich are to have their wealth protected while the poor want the government to make sure their business thrive,” he said.

Further, the DP said the billionaires were ganging up to deny him the presidency, but he is well prepared to face them.

“They should not think their plans will work. I am well prepared to meet them in the political field and I can tell you that I will show them dust,” he said.

During the held at Safari Park Hotel in Nairobi, wealthy businessmen from the Mt Kenya region said they had settled on Raila as their preferred choice because he respects the constitution.

Equity Bank chairman and founder Peter Munga said residents of the Mountain were embracing Raila at a velocity no one had foreseen.

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