Drama in Parliament as Two Female Senators Fight, Tear Each Other’s Clothes

There was drama in Parliament on Wednesday, 1st July, 2020, as two nominated senators, Beatrice Kwamboka and Mary Seneta, went physical over the election of a vice-chair at the Senate Health Committee.

The lawmakers resorted to blows and kicks after Narok Senator Ledama Olekina was elected the committee’s vice-chairperson, a position that Mary Seneta was eyeing.

According to multiple reports, the drama ensued after Senator Seneta’s team was accused of having forged another senator’s signature to ensure that she wins.

Nominated Senator Millicent Omanga’s signature was said to have been forged despite her being absent during the voting.

This saw Senator Kwamboka, who was supporting Olekina go for Seneta’s neck. Kwamboka is said to have boasted of how she is ODM leader Raila Odinga’s staunch supporter as she grabbed Seneta.

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“You cannot tell me anything! I am Raila Odinga’s staunch supporter. I will deal with you thoroughly,” Kwamboka was quoted by several media outlets, to have said.

The scuffle saw them tear each other’s clothes.

Olekina had been declared the winner of the Health Committee vice-chairperson’s seat, but couldn’t give his vote of thanks as the convention ended prematurely following the fight between the two senators.

He then took to social media to complain of how troubles were following him everywhere.

“I have never been given anything … I fight for all that I have achieved in life… every day when I make a move it is defined as trouble ….nikicheza kama mimi ni shida!” he tweeted.

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