Dressing in Style: The Latest Trendy Outfits For Women (See Photos)

Dressing is usually not all about just covering the body. It is also about looking good and being up-to-date with the latest fashion trends.

Someone can step out looking smart and decent but their dressing will be of no impact at all if it’s way off what is considered fashionable.

Litkenya.com spoke to a young woman, who has ventured into the fashion business and is doing well.

Deborah Munywoki, an entrepreneur, sells trendy outfits at Shauri Moyo in Nairobi.

Deborah is the CEO of Dee Collections. She enthusiastically spoke about what is trending for women’s fashion nowadays.

Jeans trousers and an official coat stand out for her.

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Coats are always apt for an official look, but young women with a taste of class have been stepping out feeling comfortable.

The official trouser suit is being replaced by the official coat and jeans.

The outfit is multipurpose as it can be worn to work and also as a casual wear.

Deborah believes that the look is not only fancy, but also comfortable for today’s generation that doesn’t want to look so official even when on assignment.

One can also step out of the office and go for events without having to change clothes.

The look is majorly for young women but the older ones can also give it a try because it’s not so complicated.

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The outfit leaves the young women feeling as if are at the top of the world.

“Different colours can do, but avoid clashing,” she advises.

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