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Embu: Bhang Farmer Says He Has Used Drug as Vegetables Since 1972

by Robert Mwangi
2 mins read

A man from Gichuki village in Embu County has stunned the police after disclosing that he has cultivated bhang for almost five decades.

The man identified as Gerald Ireri said he started farming the illegal drug since 1972.

However, he was quick to dismiss claims that the plant is bhang.

Ireri claimed that the bhang in his farm was an Embu traditional herb and vegetables.

The suspect said he was introduced to the plant by a deceased forester.

According to him, the “herb” had healed him from a back pain that had persisted for years.

“A forester gave me this plant and do believe in it. I used to crawl on my knees, but since I started using it, I can now walk without support,” he said.

His wife denied any involvement, saying that she had warned her husband against growing the plant.

She added that the man has been making her own ugali laced with cannabis leaves.

Kagaara North West chief Mark Nyaga said visited Ireri’s farm after a tip-off from members of the public.

He is currently cooling his heels at Runyenjes police station awaiting to be arraigned for being in possession of narcotic drugs.

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