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Emotions as Raila Bids Luo Nyanza Goodbye, Says He May Never Return Alive

by Robert Mwangi
2 mins read

Azimio la Umoja leader Raila Odinga nearly moved his legion of supporters in Migori County to tears on Friday after saying goodbye to them.

In his first mass action rally after announcing a raft of measures aimed at frustrating President William Ruto to the point of resignation, the opposition chief said he will do anything and everything to liberate the country and claim his “presidential victory”.

Raila told his followers that he doesn’t know what lies ahead but he will stop at nothing in rebelling against President Ruto.

In his message, the former Prime Minister said it might take a long time to return to Migori or any part of Luo Nyanza – his traditional political bastion – and even worse, he may never go back alive.

He explained that the journey he is undertaking is enormous, rigorous and risky but worth it. He said if it means losing his life, so be it.

“Jothurwa (My home people), today is my last day to be with you in Nyanza. From now, i like the proverbial Luo girl Wagunda who was throne to crocodiles to save her people from ravaging famine…

“I am going to the crocodiles to save my people as well. Either I’ll come back a live or will be eaten by the crocodiles. But i assure you i will go,” he said.

He stated that March 20 might be the most defining day of his life.

Azimio has rallied their supporters to come out in large numbers in Nairobi to show disapproval to the Kenya Kwanza regime on March 20. Raila says it is a date with destiny.

In addition, he hinted that Azimio is considering asking its supporters to boycott certain products and services like Safaricom, which he accused of being used unethically by the government to gain legitimacy.

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