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Epitome of Wisdom: Michelle Obama Celebrates Her Mother on Big Day

by Esther M.
2 mins read

Former American First Lady Michelle Obama has celebrated her mother as a steady source of guidance and one to turn to for a wise perspective on things.

Michelle penned a sweet but brief message for her sweet mom, who is still looking so young despite of her having turned 83 yesterday, 29th July.

“Mom! Anyone who knows my mom knows that she’s the one to turn to for steady guidance, a wise perspective, and, of course, a wisecrack or two. I’ve been so lucky to grow up with all of this and more. I love you,”

read the text that captioned the love-filled Instagram post

Marian Lois Robinson, is besides the former First Lady, is also the mother of younger brother Craig Robinson, and a grandmother.

The mother-in-law of former President Barack Obama is also a basketball executive.

She was married to Fraser C Robinson, who died in 1991

Over the Covid-19 period, Michelle has been on a mission to start a podcast.

A podcast– it is a digital audio file made available on the Internet for downloading to a computer or mobile device, typically available as a series, new instalments of which can be received by subscribers automatically.

The podcast that kicked off on Wednesday will have the former First Lady talk about different people’s connections to their communities and particularly in the current Covid-19 moment.

Michelle had her husband Barack appear in her first episode of the podcast.

Michelle, is an iconic woman in so many ways.

What stands out is her humility revealed through the support and love she offered to Obama when he was a nobody until the gentleman rose to the highest of leadership ranks in the US.

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