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EPRA Retains Fuel Prices For Third Month Running

by Zablon Ondari
2 mins read

The Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) has retained fuel prices for the third month running.

In a statement issued on Friday, 14th January, EPRA director general Daniel Kiptoo said the government will utilise the Petroleum Development Levy to cushion consumers “from the otherwise high prices.”

According to the authority, the average landed cost of super petrol dropped by 4.11 per cent, from $627.80 per cubic metre in November 2021 to $601.97 per cubic metre in December 2021. The average landed costs of diesel and kerosene similarly dropped by 5.71 per cent and 4.89 per cent in the same period.

Following the announcement, motorists in Nairobi pay Ksh129.72 for a litre of petrol, Ksh110.6 for diesel and Ksh103.54 for kerosene for the next one month.

In Mombasa residents will continue to pay Ksh127.46 per litre of super petrol, Ksh108.36 for a litre of diesel and Ksh 101.29 for a litre of kerosene.

Kisumu residents will pay Ksh 130.12 for a litre of super petrol, Ksh111.30 for diesel and Ksh104.26 for kerosene. In Nakuru, a litre of super petrol will go for Ksh129.24, Ksh110.43 for diesel and Ksh103.39 for kerosene.

The pump prices announced will be in force from midnight, 15th January to 14th February 2022.

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