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Family of Babu Owino Shooting Victim DJ Evolve Says Hospital Bill is ‘Too Much’ For Them

by Esther M.
2 mins read

The family of Felix Orinda alias DJ Evolve, who was shot and badly injured by Embakasi East MP Babu Owino at a Nairobi nightclub, has said that the hospital bill is too much for them to settle. The DJ remains unconscious in the Intensive Care Unit at the Nairobi Hospital.

Speaking in a TV interview, the DJ’s father said that the bill had risen to Ksh6.9 million, which they couldn’t raise.

“The hospital has been asking us to offset the bill but we cannot afford it even if we were to sell most of our land,” the elder Orinda said.

MP Babu Owino was charged with attempted murder and released on a Ksh10 million cash bail to be paid in Ksh2.5 million instalments. The magistrate explained that the money would be used to pay the hospital bill.

John Orinda said the MP last paid the DJ’s medical bill when he paid his bail of Ksh2.5 million.

The MP also paid Ksh600,000 on the morning he took the DJ to the hospital after the shooting but the burden of the young DJ’s medical bill had been left to the family.

DJ Evolve is still in critical condition and cannot speak as he is fed using tubes.

The MP has challenged his bail terms in an application which is yet to be heard.

On the morning of Friday, 17th January, a scuffle broke out at B Club in Nairobi’s Kilimani area, where the youthful MP shot the DJ.

The footage showed the lawmaker taking out his gun, pointing it at DJ Evolve and pulling the trigger on him.

Recently, MP Babu Owino’s fans and friends on social media had a word of advice for him.

They told him to reduce or even stop drinking alcohol, saying that it was the cause of his troubles.

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