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Famous Gospel Musician Appeals For Medical Help After Her Money Was Stolen

by Robert Mwangi
2 mins read

Famous Kikuyu gospel musician Elizabeth Nyambere has sent an appeal to her fans, asking them to help her raise money for a medical operation.

Speaking during a live session on Karangu Muraya’s Facebook page on Wednesday, 2nd December, Nyambere revealed that she has lived with a stomach problem for the last four years.

“My health has not been good. I’ve been to many hospitals, but I’m only put on medication that makes the pain go away temporarily,” the visibly weak singer said.

She was recently referred to a specialist, who diagnosed her with gallstones — these are hardened deposits within the fluid in the gallbladder, a small organ under the liver.

The doctor recommended an operation to remove the cholelithiasis, as they are commonly referred to by medical professionals.

Through the help of several celebrities and Kikuyu language radio station, a fundraiser was organised to raise the Ksh300,000 needed for the surgery.

“Unfortunately I did not get to see the money raised by my fans and other well-wishers. Some people vanished with it,” she said.

Kenyans to the Rescue

But who are Kenyans? Her plight was heard about by kind people, who were more than willing to help.

At the end of that emotional live session, more than Ksh200,000 had been collected, and today all she has to say is: “Thank you, God bless you!

“Karangu Muraya and I are thanking our fans for watching our live segment earlier this evening. By the grace of God, we have been able to raise Ksh400,000.”

“No words can describe how grateful to God and to you my fans. We shall be updating you on all my medical procedures on both platforms,” the evergreen artiste, who has been in the game since 1983 said in a Facebook post.

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